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By Charlotte Michi

October 5, 2016

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Our crowdfunding project #archetybo has been selected to be uploaded on the platform HelloPlay. Wow, great! But, you will ask, what does this actually mean? What is HelloPlay? And how does it work?

What is Hello Play? HelloPlay is a platform that will enable you to support our crowdfunding campaign without spending a single euro but simply by listening to music on Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud or LastFM (online platforms to listen music in streaming for free).

How does it work? It’s very simple. You just have to create an account on HelloPlay and connect it with the accounts you usually stream music with (if you don’t have any you can create one in a few minutes). At this point, every time you listen to any track on a connected streaming platform you will obtain “coins”, a virtual currency that accumulates on your HelloPlay account (1 track = 1 HelloCoin). Once you have enough HelloCoins (minimum 50) you can decide to pour them on #archetybo (or to another among the projects active on the platform).
What will you get in return? A picture of our orchestra autographed by all the musicians and a special thank you.
What are you waiting for? Create your account (by clicking here) and start listening to music!

We selected three playlists for you. We hope you will like them, enjoy the listening!

Below you will find a short tutorial that will help you step by step to create an account.

Go to https://www.helloplay.it/ and click on the red button in the upper right “iscriviti” (“subscribe”).

A screenshot will appear in which you will be asked to subscribe. You have two options:
– subscription with Facebook (the website will take your contact informations from the social network);
– subscription with email;
In both cases you will have to create a password.
helloplay tutorial

STEP 2 – Connect the streaming accounts
Now that you have created your profile on HelloPlay you have to connect the accounts you use to stream music. After completing the subscription you should have been automatically redirected to your dashboard. If that wouldn’t be the casse, click on the red rectangle on the right of the menu bar (if you just created your account there should be written 30 HelloCoins – the coins you received by opening the account).

In the dashboard, on the grey bar on the right, you can administrate the platforms. Under the words “aggiungere nuove piattaforme” (connect new platforms) you will see the platforms not yet connected to your account (in our case Spotify and LastFM). By selecting the platform(s) you wish to connect you will be asked to authenticate yourself: insert the email and the password you use to log in to the streaming platform or create a new account.

helloplay dashboard
STEP 3 – Listen to music on Soundcloud/Deezer/Spotify/LastFM
Now you just have to listen to a lot of music! We selected for you 3 playlist, we hope you will like them 🙂

STEP 4 – Donate HelloCoins to #archetybo
Once you have earned enough HelloCoins (minimum 50) go the #archetybo project page on HelloPlay (at this link). From the grey bar on the right click on the red box “sostieni il progetto” (support the project) and the work is done! You will get in return a picture of the orchestra with the autographs of the musicians and our special Thank You!

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