Bolzano, the joyful invasion of youth orchestras

By Emilia Campagna

August 11, 2016

It will be a real invasion: in a couple of weeks, more than two hundred young musicians will arrive in Bolzano and perform as a member of a youth orchestra. European Union Baroque Orchestra, European Union Youth Orchestra, Gustav Maler Jugend Orchestra and Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra are the “magnificent four” that audience shall listen to since 17th till 25th August. And this is all thank to Bolzano Festival Bozen, who has at its heart the special section “Orchestras, music and youth”: as a matter of fact, every year the two main European orchestras (EUYO and GMJO), both of them founded by Claudio Abbado, make a stop in Bolzano during their summer tour. And till 2013, also TYBO has been invited by BFB every year. This year, in the special occasion of the 25th birthday of Antiqua, EUBO will be present too.

Musical programs are more than sumptuous: EUBO will perform on 17th August in Castel Mareccio playing music by “Handel and his London colleagues”; EUYO and GMJO will both play a lot of Mahler (on 19th and 20th August) together with the monumental 9th Symphony by Anton Bruckner.

The TYBO’s program is very special too: for the very first time the orchestra will be conducted by Alfredo Bernardini and the program is entirely devoted to “Sturm und drang”. The concert will be held on 24th August in Castel Mareccio. Read the interview to Alfredo Bernardini and find more about the music!

Emilia Campagna

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