#ARCHETYBO, a good start

By Emilia Campagna

July 30, 2016

We are so happy for the good start of #ARCHETYBO! In less than a week we have raised the 17% of our goal, precisely 1,710 Euros from 18 different donors.

Thanks to all those who have donated so far!

#ARCHETYBO’s aim is to buy classic bows: thanks to them it will be possible to develope in a effective way the study of classic repertoire. One classic bow costs around 2.000 Euros. TYBO is committed to buy four bows (2 for violins, 1 for violas, 1 for cellos) by the end of 2016. Bows will be made available to TYBO musicians during educational workshops and residencies, tours and concerts.

Obviously we have devised some awards for our supporters, find them out on our crowdfunding page!

Now we have still 80 days to reach our goal, which is to collect 10,000 Euros: if you want to sustain our dream, go to our crowdfunding page and share it with yout friends!

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Emilia Campagna

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