Meet Theresia: a Venetian diary (part two)

By Emilia Campagna

May 6, 2016

Let’s keep on meeting some of the musicians that are participating to workshop and auditions here in San Giorgio Maggiore Island in Venice. Yesterday we talked with Clara, Vadym and Samuel: today we are meeting Taylor Townsend, 26 year, horn player from Colorado, USA. “Yes, I am from Colorado, but I haven’t been living in USA for some years now: I had a Master course in Zurich, which I finished, and now I live in Madrid. I am a freelance horn player (unfortunately I find work especially as a modern horn player), and I also earn something giving English lessons as a part-time teacher.”

i-PtjZXxB-X2 It’s the first time that Taylor plays in a classic orchestra such as Theresia, where musicians perform the Eighteenth century’s repertoire on period instruments: “I have started to play natural horn two years ago: it all began during my Master course in Zurich, but unfortunately it couldn’t be part of my syllabus. So I had to move around looking for courses in Bruxelles and Germany. For this very reason I am so happy of being here.” Taylor knew about Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra from a former school mate of his, our horn player Katryn Zevenbergen: “She’s from Colorado too: when we were youngest we were studying together for one year. Recently she told me about the orchestra and these very auditions: I applied and I think that for me it’s a good thing just to be here: we are working so well with TYBO’s conductors, because they give us a lot of historical information and details about the way of playing the music that we are studying: it’s not just a matter of rehearsal after rehearsal, I feel that all we are growing thanks to this workshop.”

Zaynab MartinZaynab Martin is 27: from England (“but my mother is from Austria, so I am Anglo-Austrian”), she is a double bass player and she lives in Amsterdam where she had a Master degree in 2014. “Now I am a freelance musician, playing only the period instrument with gut strings: job’s opportunities are growing, but I play most of all Baroque repertoire. It doesn’t happen so often that I can perform Classic repertoire, this is the principal reason because I’m here.” Zayab is rehearsing with all the three conductors here in Venice: “With Chiara Banchini we work a lot on the bow technique, looking for the right sound, the right articulation; Claudio Astronio is more concerned of balance, dynamics and tuning of the whole orchestra; with Bernardini we deepen the role of each instrument in the wind and string ensembles.” The workshop is also an audition: the best musicians will be chosen for next TYBO’s productions, but Zaynab doesn’t care too much: “First of all I am here because I wanted to have an experience in a Classic orchestra and I wanted to be coached again: I finished studying, I am a freelancer pro, it is good for me to be a learner again sometimes.”

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