What a memorable day!

By Theresia

May 13, 2015

Every concert hall is special in its own way: but some places are more special, and full of meanings and extraordinary stories. Likeways, some days are more remarkable and memorable too: 10th May was one of these days, in which the concert venue is something more than a simple concert hall.

First of all, there wasn’t just one concert in a day! We performed twice in the same day, and in two different (and distant, indeed) places. In the morning, we performend in the Cappella Paolina of Palazzo del Quirinale: we told you something of this important palace in a previous post . Well, the emotion of entering the palace was really strong, both Saturday, for the rehearsal, both Sunday for the concert: here you are some photos of backstage and concert.

The concert was live broadcasted on Rai Radio3: stay tuned for a podcast of the concert!

After the concert a coach was waiting for us and carried us to L’Aquila, a town located 100 km from Rome: the auditorium we performed in (the Auditorium del Parco, by famous architect Renzo Piano) is really special, in a different way from the Quirinale Palace. Quirinale is a venue of politic power (it is the residence of President of Republic), the Auditorium is a concert hall; the first is several centuries old, the second was built three years ago. Finally, the first is a symbol of power, the second is the gift of a city to another in a time of great difficulty. Find more in our post about L’Aquila.

And now enjoy L’Aquila photo gallery too!

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